University of California, Santa Barbara

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Classroom Suggestions

  1. Every week during Thursday and Friday classes or meetings, end by saying, "Have a fun and safe weekend. And if you choose to drink, do so responsibly and always designate a driver."
  2. During Alcohol Awareness Week (October), consider conducting a short discussion about alcohol, abuse, effects on our community, etc. If this would fit into an assignment or reading, even better!
  3. Monitor personal language and examples regarding alcohol use.
  4. Make responsible decisions for yourself regarding alcohol and students (e.g., don't drink with your students).
  5. Be aware of an unusual decline in a students' performance (especially if sudden), such as skipping class or meetings, poor performance on tests and projects, withdrawal from discussions, or unprofessional behavior. These can be signs of alcohol and drug abuse. If you have any concerns of this type, you can call the UCSB Alcohol & Drug Program (805-893-5013) to discuss your concerns
  6. Share your concern with students when overhearing "drunk stories" or when signs of alcohol or drug abuse present themselves.
  7. Promote alternatives to drinking, such as alcohol-free events.
  8. Invite staff from the UCSB Alcohol & Drug Program to come speak with your class, department, organization, or at an event by requesting a presentation.