University of California, Santa Barbara

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Family & Relationships


Do you ever...

  • Worry about the drinking or using of a loved one?
  • Feel like you have to control everything around you?
  • Worry that your grades aren't good enough?
  • Wonder what it means to feel "normal"?
  • Feel depressed or anxious, without knowing why?
  • Feel responsible for the needs of others?
  • Feel like your friends don't understand your concerns?


Family, Relationships, and Addiction Support Group

People who grew up in families where alcohol, drug use, or other compulsive behavior was a problem may face special challenges.  In this supportive group, members will gain an understanding of these challenges and develop skills to empower them for healthy relationships and life success.

Please contact Angie Bryan for a brief phone or in-person screening to be sure the group will meet your needs: or (805) 893-7353.