Marijuana and Tobacco

  • "A 10-year cohort study found that weekly or more frequent use of marijuana in teenaged non-smokers predicted a more than 8-times increased odds of initiation of tobacco use in later life. For 21-year-old smokers that were not yet nicotine-dependent, daily marijuana use raised the odds of nicotine dependence at the age of 24 years by more than three times.
  • A long-term study found that nearly 40 percent of adolescents age 15 to 16 who were regular cigarette smokers used marijuana at age 42-43, which was 17 percent higher than adolescent non-regular cigarette smokers.
  • Early onset of cigarette use is significantly associated with 66 percent higher odds of initiating marijuana use and 74 percent higher odds of re-initiating marijuana use.
  • Adolescent regular cigarette smokers showed 68 percent significantly higher odds of using marijuana in middle age (ages 42-43), compared to adolescent non-regular cigarette smokers."
-California Department of Public Health
For more information, please view the entire Marijuana and Tobacco Use Fact Sheet.